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Making it Easy for You to Pick the Right Measure of Sleep

Sleep disturbance greatly impacts quality of life and it’s often the first indicator of a larger issue.

Let’s measure it the right way.

The current gold standard for measuring sleep is the sleep lab, an artificial setting that is extremely expensive and reflects very little about the typical night’s sleep.

It’s time for that to change. We are paving the way for better approaches so that sleep data can be collected remotely, from the comfort and routine of one’s own home and bed.

By defining an optimized set of core digital clinical measures in sleep, we can transform research and care for advancing overall population health, as well as multiple diseases, and advance the use of self-monitored health and early intervention.

Importance of Sleep

It affects everyone

Sleep is foundational to health. Better sleep means better health, whille disrupted sleep can indicate or cause chronic conditions. Measuring sleep disturbance will lead to better intervention and remedies for all.

The clinical is personal

Linking sleep aspects that matter to patients to digital health technology measures allows us to see the full picture of sleep disturbance across the health and disease spectrum.

It’s time to fix (clinical) trial and error

Many trials assessing sleep disturbance currently use varying and broad measures. Creating standard measures that matter to patients will lead to comparable and translational interventions for everyone.

Project Partners

We are proud to be working on this project alongside the following leaders from academia, consumer goods, government, pharmaceutical, and life science companies, technology, grant-giving disease foundations, biomedical research, and more.

Digital Solutions Collaborators

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