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SAE Media Group’s 2nd Annual Biosensors for Medical Wearables


October 24, 2022


Advances in development and therapeutic applications of on-body sensors
SAE Media Group is proud to present the Biosensors for Medical Wearables Conference, taking place on October 24-25, 2022.
This year’s event will explore the key drivers and innovations of the wearable medical biosensors landscape with insights into the latest technologies uncovering the therapeutic scope of medical biosensors and the potential of wearable sensors for decentralized diagnostic testing. With growing digital applications, the 2022 agenda will also assess the potential of Artificial Intelligence coupled with sensors and understand how the industry is managing digital outcomes.Why should you attend?
  • You will explore the latest in biosensor technologies for wearable medical devices for therapeutic applications
  • You will uncover the potential of wearable sensors for decentralized diagnostic testing
  • You will delve into the evolving research and technologies to overcome unmet needs of the field, including battery technologies for wearable sensors
  • You will assess the growing opportunities and sensor technologies being developed in the industry for digital medicine and therapeutics
  • You will engage in platforms and opportunities for sensors coupled with AI and understand how industries are managing digital outcomes

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