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Transforming Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia research and care by defining an optimized set of core digital clinical measures that address patient, carepartner, and clinical unmet need

We seek to focus the efforts of the global Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias (ADRD) community along with digital health innovators in order to develop new digital measures. Digital measures provide value for speeding the development of effective new therapies and improving care management. A pre-competitive collaboration is essential to assemble the variety of needed expertise around these complex diseases. By convening a balanced and inclusive group of global multistakeholder experts, including patient, carepartner, clinician, clinical scientist, technological, regulatory, and payer experts, there is an opportunity to define global meaningful aspects of health and build consensus for a set of core digital clinical measures in ADRD at the intersection of technological capabilities and patient, carepartner, and clinical need.

This globally-acceptable core measure set will become the focus of digital measure development efforts in ADRD, preventing disparate and siloed efforts that yield limited progress, instead supporting directed innovation and competition that places the patient voice at the heart of drug development in ADRD and fuels progress in treating the heterogeneity of these complex diseases.

Our objectives include

Describing globally meaningful aspects of health and physiologic characteristics in ADRD

Identifying areas of technological excellence in digital health measurement in ADRD and related conditions, as characterized by mature sensor and analytical capabilities in addition to robust data sets
Defining a consensus set of core digital clinical measures in ADRD at the intersection of technological capabilities and patient, carepartner, and clinical need
Driving the dissemination and broad adoption of this core digital measure set in clinical research and care through an international communication and education campaign

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