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DiMe’s Library of Digital Endpoints

DiMe has launched the crowdsourced Library of Digital Endpoints focused on industry-sponsored studies of new medical products or new applications of existing medical products. 

Digital endpoints offer significant opportunities to improve what we know about patients’ biologic processes and responses, as well as how they feel, function, and survive in both clinical trials and routine clinical care. 

This first crowdsourced library is specifically focused on industry-sponsored studies of new medical products or new applications of existing medical products. We focused our first efforts here as the DiMe community expressed this is where there is the least transparency around measures currently being used and investigated.

Accessing and Contributing to DiMe’s Library of Digital Endpoints

DiMe’s Library of Digital Endpoints is a crowdsourced, living resource. It is intended to be both a reference resource for our DiMe community and a transparent library the community helps build and maintain.

Do you know of an endpoint that should be in the library? Contribute by adding it here.

DiMe’s Library of Digital Endpoints At-A-Glance

You can download this image to include in your own presentation.
Please attribute to DiMe using, “SOURCE: Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) Library of Digital Endpoints https://dimesociety.org/communication-education/library-of-digital-endpoints/

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