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Digital Health Resources Library

The digital health landscape is complex, fascinating, and rapidly expanding. Hundreds of relevant resources exist, but are often known only to a subset of individuals within the many different disciplinary silos that comprise the diverse field of digital health. Newcomers to digital health and seasoned experts alike can find it challenging to find trustworthy information about best practices and regulations governing high-quality digital medicine.

To address this challenge, DiMe collaborated with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and Center for Health + Technology (CHeT) at the University of Rochester, to create a crowdsourced library of what the community has found to be the most valuable and useful resources in digital health.

Accessing and Contributing to the Library of Digital Health Resources

The Library of Digital Health Resources is a crowdsourced, living resource. It is intended to be both a reference resource for our field and a transparent library the DiMe community helps maintain.
Do you know of a digital health resource that should be part of the library?

What resources will you find in the library?

Our definition of “resources” encompasses specific pieces of specific regulations, guidances, policy, or literature that are relevant and useful “as-is”. Listings of organizations and individuals are not included as part of the library.
In order to be included, resources must be action-oriented frameworks, current regulations or guidances, best practices, and/or recommendations. They must be clearly applicable to digital health, and they must be published by a multi-stakeholder group, or agency. Peer-reviewed mediums are preferred, but not required. Opinion, advocacy, and non-generalizable materials have been excluded and are considered out of scope.
Inclusion of a resource in the library does not indicate endorsement. Rather, resources are crowd-sourced and will be updated based on community feedback.
Do you have feedback on a resource and its suitability for inclusion in this Library?

Meet the experts who developed the Digital Health Resources Library

A group of ten experts with different disciplinary backgrounds collaborated to develop the Digital Health Resource Library. Meet the team:

Joan Adamo, Adam C. Berger, Nicole Dickerman, Alexandra Kaplan, Alistair Glidden, Jennifer C. Goldsack, Caroline Hagedorn, Ashleigh Simon, Scott Steele and Ellen Wagner.

The Digital Health Resources Library Team gratefully acknowledge the following experts for helping source and review the initial resources that populated this library:

Andy Coravos, Felipe Dolz, Jessilyn Dunn, Matthew Faiman, Luca Foschini, James Gannon, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Md Mobashir Hasan Shandhi, Ritu Kapur, Debbe McCall, Camille Nebeker, Maria Palombini, Lucia Savage, Ida Sim, Diane Stephenson, John Wilbanks, Dana Wolff-Hughes, Jeremy Wyatt, and members of The Light Collective and the Personalized Medicine Coalition.

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