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Payor-V1C Contracting Toolkit

If you are an innovator, leader, decision-maker in a V1C company or a payor considering including V1C solutions in your offerings, use this comprehensive suite of resources to effectively structure your agreements and ensure alignment between V1C’s novel approach and payors’ systems and processes.

Guide to Payor-V1C Contracting (Full Version)

Using the Guide to Payor-V1C Contracting, you will discover best practices and learn from what’s been tried and what’s been successful for others.

You will also learn how to streamline your contracting process to foster productive discussions and achieve mutually beneficial contacts that drive efficiency and align incentives.

Guide to V1C Payment Models

V1C providers can use this resource to explore various payment models that apply to V1C and how to receive reimbursement for their services.

Access additional resources from the V1C Coalition

Capturing the Value of V1C for Healthcare Delivery

Payment & Coding Toolkit

Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

V1C Core Competencies

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