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Integrating Sensor Generated Data into Data Platforms to Power Clinical Research and Patient Care

Connected sensor technologies and tools, from wearables, smart speakers and scales, to ingestible sensing capsules, can drive better patient decision-making as part of routine care, clinical research, and public health worldwide. Sensor data can do more for patients at the point of care, tracking necessary clinical measures such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory function, and sleep patterns. 

Since DiMe’s launch in October 2019, there has been a 929% increase in the number of digital endpoints being used by the life sciences industry for the safety and efficacy of new medical products. The use of connected sensor technologies in clinical trials is growing rapidly, yet there continue to be data integration challenges for everyone involved.  

Data integration refers to the technical and business processes used to (aggregate and) combine data from multiple sources to provide a unified, single view of the data. Effective sensor data integration has the power to realize the promise of these new flows of data to drive better decisions faster across the healthcare continuum. But the current surge of data from sensor technologies is outpacing the industry’s ability to collect, store, analyze, protect, and use this data effectively for research and patient care.  

DiMe wants to help you get your data out of the cloud and into the hands of those who need it to improve patients’ lives. Our project team is here to support your organization with scoping, selecting, and implementing the integration of sensor data and algorithms to appropriate platforms so that you can manage research data and guide clinical care.

Our Project

We’ve created four comprehensive toolkits for data producers, processors, and consumers to use the influx of data from wearables and digital sensing products at scale.

Our Members

We are very proud to be working with leading partners in the field across the health-tech continuum and cannot wait to share more of our collaborative work with you in the coming months.

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The Imperative for the Work

Please have a look at our first paper on sensor data integration in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, published in November 2021. In this paper, we describe the current state of sensor data integration in health care, examine the importance of sensor data integration in achieving the promise of digital health to improve clinical research and patient care at scale, and offer a vision of what overcoming these challenges and continuing progress will enable.

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