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Digital Medicine Academy®️ for Individuals

Equip yourself to be a leader as we build the field of digital medicine & redefine healthcare to improve lives

The digital health space is evolving quickly – we are here to help you keep pace.

How it Works

The Digital Medicine Academy®️ offers online courses to support your professional development in the digital healthcare field.

  • No pre-requisites

  • Go at your own pace

  • Certificate of completion

Online Course

Applied Digital Health Ethics

Ethics is foundational to a digital health industry that helps, not harms. Every one of us working in the field must have foundational knowledge in ethics to ensure that we realize the full promise of the digitization of healthcare to improve lives, for everyone.

Online Course

Unlocking Regulatory Success for Digital Health Product Developers

It’s difficult for digital innovators to know how to interact with regulators, which ones, and when. This course will remove the mystery. Learn how to build a fit-for-purpose regulatory strategy that strengthens your business strategy and differentiates your product in today’s digital health market.

What to Expect from DiMe Academy®️

What sets us apart is why we’re known as the most trusted name in digital health innovation globally.

Engaging Courses

Interactive sessions cater to a variety of learning styles with videos, knowledge checks to test your understanding, and real-world examples.

Flexible Learning

You’re busy, and so is your team, so our courses are designed to deliver the material efficiently, but our platform is designed so you can return as many times as you need.

Relevant Content

Digital medicine is a fast paced field. We leverage our community to deliver up to date information from actively engaged, diverse experts.

More Courses Coming Soon

The Digital Medicine Academy®️ is committed to offering valuable lessons in pace with the evolving digital healthcare field. Check back for new course offerings.

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