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The Virtual First Care (V1C) Coalition by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

Unlocking the true potential of virtual first care will improve outcomes, enhance patient access, and create the most effective care possible.

The V1C Coalition is dedicated to driving V1C to shape a healthcare system that’s optimized for the digital era and intentionally designed with patients at the center.

Our members

Together, we are working to make V1C a reality.

Member Motivation

“Despite their value to patients, virtual-first practices are treated like second-rate options. I’m excited to work with V1C Coalition to drive meaningful improvements in patients’ lives by improving their access to virtual-first care.”

Joe Connolly
Founder & CEO | Visana Health

“For digital care to become part of the standard of care, we must educate policymakers and advocate for its adoption at all levels of government. V1C Coalition can help bring clinically-validated, effective digital solutions to the populations that need them most, and Omada is excited to be a part of the coalition.”

Adam Brickman
Omada Health

“Oshi Health has redesigned GI care from the ground up with a telehealth-first, patient-centered and value-based care model. In doing so we have been constrained by the regulatory and legal landscape and variation across states. V1C Coalition will enable companies facing these constraints to combine our voices to advocate for changes that will benefit patients and all health stakeholders by improving care delivery and reducing cost.”

Sam Holliday
CEO | Oshi Health

“Virtual technologies have been shown to lower costs, improve quality, and dramatically increase equitable access to high-quality healthcare. Our current system places too many barriers between these technologies and the patients and providers who would most benefit from them.”

Brian Carter
SVP, Product | Validic, Inc.

“Freespira’s mission is to create unexpected digital therapeutics that are easy to access and deliver enduring results for people suffering from life impairing behavioral health conditions. V1C Coalition’s mission and its members goals are aligned with Freespira. Together we can improve people’s health for the greater good.”

Dean Sawyer
CEO | Freespira

“Virtual-first care has the potential to make health care more convenient, more efficient, more affordable, and more effective. V1C Coalition is an opportunity for key industry stakeholders to come together to ensure that it does. I’m honored and excited to participate.”

Marcus Thygeson
Chief Health Officer | Bind Benefits

“As a patient with complex, chronic disease, I’ve seen first hand that trying to retrofit our analog healthcare system with digital tools has in many ways made things worse for patients and doctors. We need better, patient/client-focused models, and that is what we plan to advance through V1C Coalition.”

Anna McCollister
Patient Expert

“Virtual-first approaches are a great way to help lower the total cost of care.”

Joshua Axene
Consulting Actuary | Axene Health Partners

“Virtual care tools will permit patient self-assessment and automated care navigation, along with AI generated diagnoses and treatment plans based on EHR, medication and genetic data. This will be enhanced by streams of information from mobile medical devices. V1C Coalition will facilitate this development.”

Allan Khoury
Founder | Allan Khoury, MD, PhD Consulting

    Join the V1C Coalition to:

    • Shape V1C outcomes and evidence expectations with MedPAC, AMA, CMS, and commercial buyers
    • Host policymakers education event with ACHP
    • Inform V1C standards currently being developed by accreditors
    • ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with key decision makers to help you accelerate commercialization strategies
    • Member-exclusive networking opportunities
    • Member-prioritized pre-competitive projects
    • ViVE and HLTH 2024 Sunday Partner Program and V1C Pavilion
    • Thought leadership opportunities such as op eds and V1C Coalition LinkedIn
    • Outcomes Library & Reporting opportunities

    Access resources designed to support your success

    Capturing the Value of V1C for Healthcare Delivery

    Payment & Coding Toolkit

    Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

    V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

    V1C Core Competencies

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