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The Virtual First Care (V1C) Coalition by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

Unlocking the true potential of virtual first care will improve outcomes, enhance patient access, and create the most effective care possible.

The V1C Coalition is dedicated to driving V1C to shape a healthcare system that’s optimized for the digital era and intentionally designed with patients at the center.

Our members

Together, we are working to make V1C a reality.

Member Motivation

Ciba Health is participating in the Virtual First Care (V1C) Coalition by DiMe to champion the shift towards virtual-first care models and accelerate the development of digital health solutions, driving value for our organization by enabling us to deliver more efficient, patient-centric, and accessible care. By joining the V1C Coalition, we can collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

Innocent Clement | CEO and Founder, Ciba Health

Mercer is a proud member of the V1C Coalition because we believe that “virtual care” is just “care”. Employers must think about how to design their benefits ecosystem to address unique needs in their populations, while optimizing the delivery of care and the solutions they provide. V1C can greatly enhance access, reducing challenges for members, and disparities across member populations.

Kate Brown | Principal, Leader, Center for Health Innovation, Mercer

Our partnership with DiMe and the V1C Coalition helps Dentistry.One grow as a leader in virtual first oral healthcare. The V1C Coalition enables collaborative discussions to promote virtual first care delivery. It helps connect with experts, stay informed about best practices in quality digital medicine, and identify solutions to reveal true medical-dental integration.

Sharity Ludwig | Senior Director of Clinical Operations, MouthWatch

Oshi Health is a founding member and continues to participate in the V1C Coalition because we recognized in 2020 the need to educate policy makers and healthcare purchasers on the value that purposefully- designed V1C models can drive for all stakeholders compared to today’s fragmented and broken fee for service healthcare system. We also value comparing notes with other V1C innovators as we all face similar artificial and antiquated barriers to scaling our impact and can work together to advocate for policy and payment reforms that modernize our healthcare delivery system and enable the shift toward value based care.

Sam Holliday | CEO and Co-Founder, Oshi Health

At Sunrise, we are leveraging the V1C Coalition for business development, fostering partnerships of all kinds. Through this collaboration, we are also gaining insights into the evolving digital healthcare industry.

Alice Forgeois | Chief Financial Officer, Sunrise

Participating in the V1C Coalition by DiMe provides invaluable networking, access to cutting-edge data, and best practices that significantly enhance Visana Health’s ability to deliver top-tier virtual women’s healthcare. The coalition’s resources and collaborative environment drive our innovation and strengthen our strategic initiatives.

Joe Connolly | Co-Founder and CEO, Visana Health

    Join the V1C Coalition to:

    • Shape V1C outcomes and evidence expectations with MedPAC, AMA, CMS, and commercial buyers
    • Host policymakers education event with ACHP
    • Inform V1C standards currently being developed by accreditors
    • ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with key decision makers to help you accelerate commercialization strategies
    • Member-exclusive networking opportunities
    • Member-prioritized pre-competitive projects
    • ViVE and HLTH 2024 Sunday Partner Program and V1C Pavilion
    • Thought leadership opportunities such as op eds and V1C Coalition LinkedIn
    • Outcomes Library & Reporting opportunities

    Access resources designed to support your success

    Capturing the Value of V1C for Healthcare Delivery

    Payment & Coding Toolkit

    Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

    V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

    V1C Core Competencies

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