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Payment & Coding Toolkit

The Payment & Coding Toolkit shows providers, investors, payers, policymakers, and other stakeholders: “You can get paid for offering virtual first care (V1C) services!

Use this toolkit as a quick, efficient, and reliable resource to help ensure V1C claims are processed and paid, advancing the use of V1C to provide medical care through digital interactions for everyone.

Use these tools to learn how to get reimbursed for V1C today.

Quickstart Guide: How to Get Paid for V1C

The V1C Payment & Coding Library

5 Ways to Check Your Claims

Supplemental Guide: Basics of Billing & Coding for V1C

Interested in how others are using the Payment & Coding Toolkit?

Discover best practices for payment and coding with insights from leading V1C providers. Our payment vignettes illustrate the complexities of coding practices and tangible approaches for navigating reimbursement for V1C delivery models.


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Capturing the Value of V1C for Healthcare Delivery

Payment & Coding Toolkit

Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

V1C Core Competencies

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