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Your Bold, Brave Partner In Digital Medicine

The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a global non-profit and the professional home for digital medicine. Together, we drive broad adoption of digital approaches to advance the practice of medicine to enhance public health.

our vision

Better health powered by digital innovation.

our mission

To advance the safe, effective, and equitable use of digital approaches to redefine healthcare and improve lives.

our core values

  • We put people first in everything we do.
  • We act with integrity. Always.
  • Our activities and decisions are evidence-based.
  • We are collaborative and embrace opportunities to work with colleagues with diverse backgrounds and expertise.
  • We are brave: we are open, honest, and constructive; we honor our obligation to dissent.

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Digital innovation promises to redefine healthcare.

The digitization of healthcare presents a fleeting opportunity to move away from a system designed to treat the sick and toward one that is defined by each individual’s health.

DiMe’s community is passionate and dedicated to realizing a new approach to healthcare by building new, integrated systems powered by digital approaches that are safe, effective, and equitable.

At the same time, we recognize that more digital isn’t always better. Digital isn’t a “cure-all” solution for the practice of medicine, but rather an effective new set of tools in the toolbox to move the industry forward to help patients.


Convening and activating leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe at the intersection of digital innovation and healthcare, DiMe exists to solve the problems that no one else can fix.

Strengthened by this diverse community and rooted in an evidence-driven approach, DiMe:

01. Convenes & Collaborates.

DiMe’s superpower is convening stakeholders to drive action – not just admire – the problems in our complex field. We uniquely bring together the many, diverse perspectives essential to the digitization of healthcare – from regulators to payers, ethicists to engineers, and clinicians to cyber security experts.

 DiMe has created a unique forum where individuals and organizations unite to achieve the shared goal of improving health and healthcare through digital innovation. From open community discussions on social, to pre-competitive collaborations, to evidence-based projects, we nurture consensus among key industry stakeholders to accelerate and de-risk the advancement of digital medicine.

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02. Builds and Leads.

Healthcare is the last big industry to digitize. And while the value propositions are clear, the activation energy to capture this value is too high for any single organization to overcome – that’s where DiMe comes in.

Harnessing the power of many, we create resources, solutions, and opportunities to reduce the activation energy of digital innovation in healthcare. By doing so, DiMe puts the promise of digital medicine within reach of every stakeholder across the healthcare industry – including the patients we exist to serve.

And we don’t just build, we take action. Our community adopts DiMe’s solutions into their work, showcasing the progress we, collectively, are fueling. As our partners lead the field, we celebrate their successes through Resources in Action, inspiring and guiding others to move their work forward.

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03. Educates & Advises.

Combining insights from our diverse community of partners with best practices from our research and initiatives, DiMe offers an unparalleled perspective on the digitization of healthcare.

 The field benefits from this knowledge through access to Digital Medicine Academy®️ courses, best practices and toolkits from our research and initiatives, and robust communications campaigns. These upskilling and supportive efforts benefit individuals and organizations alike, priming them to successfully evolve with the ever-changing digital medicine landscape. 

We also offer tailored 1:1 strategic support to leading organizations who share our mission, helping them to address critical challenges and barriers to advancing their digital strategies and advancing their digital health priorities.

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