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Defining V1C

Virtual first care (V1C) is medical care for individuals or a community accessed through digital interactions where possible, guided by a clinician, and integrated into a person’s everyday life.

V1C components

V1C companies use a fit-for-purpose selection of components that seamlessly combine into holistic care plans tailored to individual needs and preferences, enabling a truly patient-centered approach to healthcare.

V1C characteristics

Demonstrating the value of V1C

Browse our library of case studies to see how V1C is enabling expanded access to high-quality, evidence-based virtual care for patients, healthcare providers, and payors to improve clinical and health economic outcomes.


Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring


Care Navigation





Chronic Condition Management


Emergency Care



Women’s Health

V1C shareable slides

Virtual first care is changing the way we practice medicine. Share the definitions and stories in your next presentational pitch.

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Capturing the Value of V1C for Healthcare Delivery

Payment & Coding Toolkit

Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

V1C Core Competencies

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    New Benchmark Survey from Omada Health, DiMe & Rock Health

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