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Harnessing the power of digital to advance high-value care and improve the lives of 9+ million Veterans at the largest healthcare system in the U.S.

Our Goal

To advance digital health innovation at America’s largest integrated healthcare system that improves the lives of every veteran, everywhere.

Our Commitment

DiMe is committed to accelerating the digital transformation of healthcare by addressing the lack of standard models for operationalizing and scaling innovation. We look forward to sharing lessons learned to other U.S. healthcare systems and the ecosystem as we:

Develop a framework to measure and evaluate digital health solutions

Create a strategic and sustainable roadmap for digital health innovation

Build a guide to adopt and implement digital health solutions

Cultivate and strengthen successful VA-industry collaborations

Deploy digital health technologies at scale to serve all Veterans

Healthcare innovation process is not a one-stop-shop and the digitization of healthcare is not a simple task. There is a critical need for a robust foundation and an intentional approach — to develop and deploy the digital health solutions that are accessible, effective, efficient, and equitable by building the innovation infrastructure needed to place veterans at the center of their care.

The Playbook: Digital Healthcare Edition

Inside our playbook, you’ll find eight digital health solutions with case studies showing each one’s ability to improve care delivery for clinicians and patients.

And the best part? The Playbook: Digital Healthcare Edition is free to adapt and share as you see fit, even commercially. Download and start using it today.

Learn more about The Playbook: Digital Healthcare Edition

The Health Care Blog– August 25, 2022

HHS/ONC Tech Forum – September 1, 2022

Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations

Photo: Anatomy of the Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations
To innovate the path to high-value care, we must first redefine value beyond just dollars and cents. A fit-for-purpose evaluation framework for healthcare innovation is more important now than ever before. In contrast to existing frameworks, this new framework captures both financial and quality-of-life effects, reflects value over various periods of time, gathers perspectives from all stakeholders, and assesses effects on both the individual and the system of care. VA and DiMe conducted an extensive review of 32+ years of research and interviewed over 30+ subject matter experts to inform the creation of the framework.

Check out VA and DiMe’s Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations. As you use this framework, please share your innovation with VA and DiMe – we’d be delighted to highlight and celebrate your work. Share your case study 

Putting Digital Health Innovation into Practice

Photo: Health Affairs Forefront piece by Ryan Vega, Jennifer Goldsack, Smit Patel, and Carolyn Clancy.

“Nothing for us, without us,” says Sonya Ebhotemen, a Veteran Patient Expert.
Digital innovations must meet people where they are. Continuing advances in digital health technology offer a powerful new toolset to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced. However, the digitization of healthcare is not a simple task; technologies should be implemented only if they will improve care for individuals and the systems that care for them.

Read the Health Affairs piece that highlights thoughtful hybrid approaches defining digitization efforts and learnings from the VA.

VA-DiMe-Industry Digital Health Innovation Symposium

On October 25, 2021, DiMe and VA hosted the inaugural Digital Health Industry Symposium to advance the accessible, effective, efficient, and equitable use of digital solutions at scale in healthcare by identifying opportunities and strategies for successfully selecting, operationalizing, and scaling fit-for-purpose solutions within the largest healthcare system in the U.S.

During the Symposium, leaders in the field addressed some of the most difficult challenges facing innovators seeking to put digital health into practice.

Photo: VA-DiMe-Industry Symposium featuring expert speakers from Amazon, FDA, HHS, Microsoft, Google, Apple, STAT, and VA

Did you miss the VA-DiMe Digital Health Symposium?

Evaluating and Adopting Digital Health Technologies for
Veteran-Centered Care

Photo: Summary report featuring seven digital health innovation stories

Digital health technologies are not a silver bullet for solving the challenges of Veteran care and healthcare more broadly. More technology, more data, and more widgets don’t define success. Rather, success is better health for Veterans, improved equity and access to care, efficient workflows for clinicians, and system efficiencies for the benefit of all. The summary report entails:
  • Top 5 steps to focus on for advancing successful digital health innovation at the healthcare system
  • VA’s top 7 digital health innovation stories in action
  • A look ahead for VA’s digital health delivery with the use of innovative technologies.

Read the full summary report of the VA Digital health innovation here

Would you like to read the summary report of the VA Digital health innovation?

The Role of the VA in Driving Successful Digital Innovation

Innovative technologies and digital health solutions offer enormous possibilities to support sweeping improvements in the safety, effectiveness, and equity of Veteran care across the nation. However, without a framework for operationalizing and scaling innovation, this potential is not fully realized in any major healthcare system.

Read the article on VA’s ability to lead and implement an effective digital integration with healthcare delivery.

Source: Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) Operational Model

Designing high value care with a a value-driven framework for healthcare innovation

Photo: iEX 2021 featuring Ryan Vega, Chief officer of the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning in the VHA Office of Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks and Jennifer Goldsack, CEO at DiMe

Across the healthcare ecosystem, there is a critical need for a common, unifying approach to measure value in healthcare innovations that goes beyond dollars & cents with a new value-driven framework.

Check out the sneak peak on the upcoming release of the Value-driven framework for healthcare innovation by listening to the fireside discussion at #iEX2021

In the news

DiMe and VA are committed to developing a comprehensive toolkit to effectively measure, evaluate, and implement digital health solutions to improve the lives of Veterans and the people that care for them. Join us to continue to push for the most innovative ways of turning our ideas into insights and transforming insights into innovative solutions at VA to improve the lives of 9+ million Veterans across the nation and beyond.

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