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The Playbook: Pediatric Digital Medicine

DiMe and Boston Children’s Hospital are leading a multistakeholder effort to create The Playbook: Pediatric Digital Medicine. Together, we will push the boundaries of what’s possible in children’s health.

A recent Rock Health report provided compelling data on existing inequities in pediatric digital health, suggesting that innovation and investment in children – the most vulnerable in our population – are lagging. Findings from the report include:

  • Children represent approximately 23% of the national population but less than 10% of national healthcare expenditures.

  • As healthcare becomes increasingly digital—augmented by phones, tablets, home devices, and backend AI—it’s important that digital tools keep the “village” of pediatric care stakeholders in mind.

  • There is a noticeable trend toward greater use of digital health solutions in pediatric care.
  • The increasing adoption of these technologies signals a move toward more comprehensive and convenient care for children to enhance health outcomes and patient experiences.

This project will enable providers, payers, product developers, and biopharma to advance streamlined and scalable ways of innovating for pediatrics.

Children face significant gaps in care. They are among the last to benefit from advancements in the digitization of healthcare. This project team prioritizes closing this disparity and improving children’s lives through equitable access to technological advancements that center on children’s unique needs and deliver ethical, effective, equitable, and safe care.

The Playbook: Pediatric Digital Medicine will address the pressing need for ongoing advancement and care optimization for children. It will:

  • Provide a comprehensive guide to advance digital solutions with long-term financial viability to improve the lives of every child the pediatric healthcare and research ecosystems exist to care for
  • Define the market opportunity for pediatric digital medicine products, and establish best practices for product development and deployment
  • Address the unique ethical considerations accompanying children’s use of digital medicine products

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Pediatric practices and health systems face significant pressures as they strive to deliver high-quality care to every patient. Working together to highlight the existing challenges, we will systematically develop solutions that ease the burden on healthcare systems, product developers, pediatric patients, and caregivers. This is hard, and we are here to help.

Our partners

Project partners also include the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The Playbooks

This project builds upon the successes of The Playbook: Digital Clinical Measures and The Playbook: Digital Healthcare. The Playbooks are signature DiMe resources and the essential industry guides for successfully developing and deploying digital medicine across clinical research, clinical care, and public health.

Effective digital health solutions start with measurement. The Playbook : Digital Clinical Measures is the essential industry guide for successfully developing and deploying digital clinical measures and remote monitoring.

As digital technology matures, many tools can be used to address the multiple health crises we are facing while supporting clinicians. The Playbook: Digital Healthcare Edition is the essential guide to leveraging high-value solutions to create efficiencies and improve care in our health systems.

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