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The Playbook: Pediatric Digital Medicine Edition

The Playbooks are signature DiMe resources, providing essential guides in support of the most critical digital innovation efforts in healthcare. Building upon the success of The Playbook: Digital Clinical Measures and The Playbook: Digital Healthcare in advancing the field, this fall we will launch a multistakeholder effort to create The Playbook: Pediatric Digital Medicine. This edition of The Playbook will define the unmet need and market opportunity for pediatric digital medicine products, best practices for their development and deployment, and address the unique ethical considerations accompanying the use of digital medicine products by children. If your organization is currently considering or actively deploying digital health products across global markets, you’re invited to be share your interest in joining this work through a funding commitment and participation on the project team. Once you complete this form, we will reach out about next steps.

For instance, if you are not the leader of the group that will make the decision to participate in this project, please provide the appropriate person here.
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