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V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

Use the V1C Care Transitions Toolkit to learn what effective V1C care transitions look like and how to integrate these transitions into our current healthcare system.

Providers within brick-and-mortar facilities can use this toolkit to incorporate V1C into established and new care pathways in their practice, ensuring patients recover and receive high-quality care at all stages of their care plan.


Tools to successfully integrate effective V1C care transitions

Guide to Effective V1C Care Transitions

A Tech Stack for Effective V1C Care Transitions

Guides to V1C partnerships for effective care transitions

Guide to Engaging Partners for Effective V1C Care Transitions

Quickstart Guide to Partnerships between V1C Providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Quickstart Guide to Partnerships between V1C Providers and Employers

Quickstart Guide to Partnerships between V1C Providers and Health Insurance Providers (Payors)

Engaging Informal Care Partners for Optimal V1C Care Transitions

Case studies

Read how other leaders in the field are successfully integrating V1C care transitions and helping to transform our existing healthcare system by visiting our Resources in Action hub.

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Payment & Coding Toolkit

Payor-V1C Contract Toolkit

V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

V1C Core Competencies

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