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V1C Core Competencies

The V1C Core Competencies define what high-quality V1C looks like across care areas and market segments. It helps you distinguish between excellent and inadequate practices for V1C within four key categories — supporting you in selecting the best V1C partners and innovators to build best-in-class solutions.

Use the V1C Core Competencies to select and make deals with high-quality V1C providers in a quickly evolving field.


Produce outcomes that are valuable to your key stakeholders

Trustworthy digital experience

Deliver an ethical, equitable, and safe digital experience

Clinical & operational integration

Fit seamlessly within a broader healthcare context

Administrative efficiency

Minimize implementation and operational frictions

Did the Core Competencies help shape your understanding of V1C? Was your organization able to implement best practices from the guide to drive innovation and growth?

Every story is unique, and we want to celebrate yours. Whether you discovered a new perspective, solved a long-standing problem, or achieved unprecedented growth, we want to know how the Core Competencies Toolkit made a difference in your work.

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V1C Core Competencies

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