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Join FDA and DiMe during a 2-day virtual event to help advance the use of PGHD to support improved trials, medical device development products, and regulatory science!

Join the Virtual First Care Coalition to shape a healthcare system that's intentionally designed with patients at the center.

Be part of unlocking the true potential of virtual first care (V1C) in transforming healthcare.

The Virtual First Care (V1C) Coalition by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) convenes V1C leaders to accelerate effective patient care, where digital interactions are key components of a patient’s journey. Our members collaborate to build the tools, resources, and networks necessary to establish a viable omnichannel healthcare ecosystem – one that’s optimized for the digital era with a shared mission of improving outcomes, enhancing access, and meeting patients where they are with the most effective care possible.

Join the V1C Coalition by DiMe today to: 

  • Accelerate business development and growth strategies, 
  • Reshape the industry to build a better healthcare system, and 
  • Showcase how you are leveraging V1C models to drive toward truly effective patient care.

Together, we can shape a healthcare system that’s intentionally designed with patients at the center. We hope you’ll join us.

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