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DiMe Academy      /      For Individuals      /      Applied Digital Health Ethics

Applied Digital Health Ethics

Take your next step to ensure that the field of digital health is worthy of our trust.

  • 90 min

$79 USD

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Course Overview

Ethics is foundational to a digital health industry that helps, not harms. Every one of us working in the field – must have foundational knowledge in ethics to ensure that we realize the full promise of the digitization of healthcare to improve lives, for everyone.

Topics Covered

  • Ethics by design

  • Building a culture of ethics

  • Ethics and digital data

  • Ethics and AI

  • Ethics and equity

  • Applying ethics to build trust

Meet the Instructors

Learn from DiMe experts and world class guest faculty – including patient experts, applied ethicists from industry, and academia – at the cutting edge of the most difficult ethical questions in digital health.

Aaron Blocker

Aaron Blocker

Rare Disease Patient Leader
Andrea Downing

Andrea Downing

The Light Collective
Eric Perakslis

Eric Perakslis

Luca Foschini

Luca Foschini

Sage Bionetworks
Mike Mittelman

Mike Mittelman

The Light Collective
Meg Doerr

Meg Doerr

Sage Bionetworks

    In this course you will:

    • Learn how to apply ethical frameworks to some of the toughest ethical challenges facing our digital health today.

    • Prepare to apply an ethical approach to ensure that the benefits of digital health outweigh the risks of harm, for all people.  

    • Identify the risks and define mitigation strategies associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies in healthcare and research  

    • Explore the relationship between ethics and equity in the digital era of healthcare.  

    • Discover how ethical approaches can build public trust in digital health  


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    What our learners are saying

    • Applied Digital Health Ethics

      “This course gave me additional insights that I can apply and share with our clients.”

      Donna, VP Research
      ethics badge
    • Applied Digital Health Ethics

      “The key learning was that the Monk Skin Tone Scale is more inclusive than the Fitzpatrick Scale. I will be a champion of using this scale and ensure that diverse populations are included in my work.”

      Paul Martinetti, Principal Strategist | Digital Science Technologies LLC
      ethics badge
    • Applied Digital Health Ethics

      “More aware of what to look for in ethically sound digital health companies when considering using their products.”

      Huma Samar, Physician | Veterans Affairs
      ethics badge
    • Applied Digital Health Ethics

      “The course provides great foundational awareness to incorporate ethics into every decision making step in the process of bringing a device to market. E.g., as a design input requirement.”

      Suj Shah, QARA | Public Health/Regulatory
      ethics badge
    • Applied Digital Health Ethics

      “I gained a better understanding of the ethics associated with providing useful digital health solutions to patients. I will be more diligent and specific in communications with partners and vendors.”

      Philippe Lucarelli , Digital Strategy Lead, CEO/Senior Executive | Gerresheimer
      ethics badge


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