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This course is newly updated with evidence, research, and case studies from 2023!

Online Course

Applied Digital Health Ethics

Take your next step to ensure that the field of digital health is worthy of our trust.

“The key learning was that the Monk Skin Tone Scale is more inclusive than the Fitzpatrick Scale. I will be a champion of using this scale and ensure that diverse populations are included in my work.”

Paul Martinetti, Principal Strategist | Digital Science Technologies LLC

Course Overview

Ethics is foundational to a digital health industry that helps, not harms. Every one of us working in the field ╴must have foundational knowledge in ethics to ensure that we realize the full promise of the digitization of healthcare to improve lives, for everyone.

Learning Outcomes

Prepare to apply an ethical approach to ensure that the benefits of digital health outweigh the risks of harm, for all people. Identify the risks and define mitigation strategies associated with artificial intelligence, and machine learning methodologies in healthcare and research. Explore the relationship between ethics and equity in the digital era of healthcare.

Discover how ethical approaches can build public trust in digital health.

Interconnected circle with key stakeholders (clinical scientists, manufacturers, engineers, data scientists, regulators, policymakers, patient advocates, ethicists, biostatisticians, clinicians, healthcare executives, payers). The text reads: All of these stakeholders share responsibility for the ethical digitization of healthcare.

Topics Include

  • Ethics by Design

Defined with a framework from which to build a culture of ethics.

  • Ethics and Tech

Working with digital data and artificial intelligence (AI) ethically.

  • Ethics and Equity

Fairly applying ethics to build trust.

Meet the Intructors

Learn from DiMe experts and world class guest faculty – including patient experts, applied ethicists from industry, and academia – at the cutting edge of the most difficult ethical questions in digital health.

Aaron Blocker

Aaron Blocker

Rare Disease Patient Leader

Andrea Downing

Andrea Downing

The Light Collective

Eric Perakslis

Eric Perakslis

Duke Clinical Research Institute

Luca Foschini

Luca Foschini

Sage Bionetworks

Mike Mittelman

Mike Mittelman

The Light Collective

Meg Doerr

Meg Doerr

Sage Bionetworks


    Read what our learners are saying…

    I use it to help steer the teams into ethical software development.

    Michael Starling | Scrum Master, Qualifacts

    I found this course has given a very detailed overview of ethics by design approach. It definitely helped me to be more conscious in my work including planning of AI/ML healthtech projects with considerations to ethics as taught here.

    Babu Ram | Senior R&D Manager

    This outstanding and practical course helps to reflect on the importance of ethics when working on digital health and demonstrates to you the necessity of being an active contributor.

    Jose Brogeras | DiMe Academy Learner

    This course provided tangible, real-world examples of ethics in action to guide my every day decision making in building digital health solutions. I especially appreciated the video content featuring thought leaders articulating how they demonstrably apply these core principles in their specific areas of expertise.

    Emily Lewis | Global Digital Business Transformation Lead, Neurology, UCB

    A good compilation of current issues and guidelines. “applied digital health ethics.” Completed the course today.

    Vasanth Thirugnanam, Associate Director Data Science, Janssen

    The program provided a comprehensive understanding of ethical considerations in healthcare technology and equipped me to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and integrity. The instructors were experts and the curriculum covered a wide range of topics. I highly recommend this course to any healthcare professional looking to deepen their knowledge in digital ethics. Thank you, DiMe, for such a valuable learning experience.

    Mazin Osman, Pharmacist at TLC

    “I gained a better understanding of the ethics associated with providing useful digital health solutions to patients. I will be more diligent and specific in communications with partners and vendors.”

    Philippe Lucarelli , Digital Strategy Lead, CEO/Senior Executive | Gerresheimer

    “The course provides great foundational awareness to incorporate ethics into every decision making step in the process of bringing a device to market. E.g., as a design input requirement.”

    Suj Shah, QARA | Public Health/Regulatory

    “I gained a better understanding of the ethics associated with providing useful digital health solutions to patients while still protecting them. As a result of taking this course, I will be more diligent and specific in communications with partners and vendors.”

    Christina Won, Associate Director | Clinical Development & Ops

    “This course gave me additional insights that I can apply and share with our clients.”

    Donna, VP Research

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