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There are three key stakeholder groups driving the sensor data ecosystem in healthcare and research. Click below to access the resources that will best support you and your team.

The three key stakeholder groups driving the sensor data ecosystem

Data producers 

Individuals and organizations participating in the generation of sensor data for use in clinical decision-making in healthcare and research. Data producers include connected sensor technology manufacturers and digital measurement companies in addition to people authorized to enter, document, change, or transmit sensor data.

Data processors

Individuals and organizations that collect, record, organize, structure, store, adapt, alter, retrieve, consult, transmit, make available, align, combine, manage, restrict, erase, or destruct sensor data. Data processors include analytics companies, cloud service providers, data aggregators, data platforms, data scientists, and data engineers. 

Data consumers 

Individuals and organizations that rely upon sensor data to drive their objectives and decision-making. Data consumers include clinicians, researchers, healthcare administrators, payers and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, regulators, and public health agencies.

Of note, all clinical data originates from individual patients, participants, and people. Clinical data should also be returned to these same individuals. 

We must recognize that most sensor data in the medical context is sensitive personally identifiable data, which must be protected from unauthorized access, and treated in accordance with local laws and regulations.

The toolkits developed by the DiMe sensor data integrations project are not designed for individual patients, participants, and people using digital measurement products as part of their healthcare, research participation, or wellness activities.

Rather, these tools and resources are intended to support the organizations and entities that serve and care for them.

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