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Join us: A new effort to address a critical need in achieving The White House Cancer Moonshot

Doug Mirsky and Sarah Sheehan

Nine months ago, the CancerX Steering Committee met at The White House to discuss the highest-priority challenges that need to be addressed to achieve the Cancer Moonshot goals. We are excited to share the next CancerX demonstration project, reflecting an effort that was identified as one of the most critical: Digitally-Enabled Cancer Navigation.

Cancer patients and their families are often under-equipped by our healthcare ecosystem to navigate the high costs and complexities of their treatment after a diagnosis. Patient navigation services are crucial in helping patients and their families manage the medical and financial burdens associated with cancer treatment, resulting in improved clinical, quality-of-life, and financial outcomes. It is a key feature of The White House Cancer Moonshot goals to facilitate community-based healthcare access and improve the cancer patient and caregiver experience.

CancerX is stepping up to work on a program that will equip patient navigators in community oncology with access to a marketplace of digital solutions to increase their capacity and ability to deliver critical supportive care services at scale. We will demonstrate how patient navigation impacts the cancer patient experience and how digital health tools impact cancer patient navigation, leveraging the newly available principal illness navigation (PIN) payment pathway to drive broader understanding and applicability.

We invite you to join us as a project advisor, pilot site, or technology partner before the work kicks off in August. For more information on how to get involved, please reach out directly to Doug Mirsky or Sarah Sheehan. We’d be thrilled to bring you on board as we undertake work to redefine what it means to deliver comprehensive, whole-person cancer care. 

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