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Sensor Data Architecture Toolkit

Data architecture translates business needs into data and system requirements and seeks to manage data and its flow through the enterprise. Data architecture describes the structure of an organization’s data assets. It includes the models, policies, rules, and standards that govern the collection, storage, arrangement, integration, and use of data within an ecosystem. Optimized data architecture is essential to realizing the value of sensor generated data for clinical decision making.

In this toolkit, we present: 

  1. Logical data architecture This logical data architecture serves as a blueprint for industry best practices for the flow of sensor-generated data from data producers to data consumers
  2. Reference data architectures  These reference data architectures show different examples of the logical data architecture in practice
  3. Data flow design tool – This will allow you to map your specific data flow from the sensor to decision-maker

Logical Data Architecture

This logical data architecture provides a high-level blueprint for sensor data in the healthcare data ecosystem, irrespective of platform, operating system, file structure, or database technology. It defines the entire data landscape necessary to use sensor-generated data to drive clinical decision-making.

Download the logical data architecture here.

Now that you’ve reviewed the blueprint for sensor data in the healthcare data ecosystem, review sample applications of the physical architecture below.

Reference Data Architecture

Browse this library of data architectures that 1) implement the logical data architecture, and 2) have been successfully implemented to support successful data integrations. Find what works for you and your team.

Sensor Data Flow Design Tool

Use this interactive design tool to map the sensor data flow for your tool, study, and/or clinic.

Now you’ve mapped your sensor data flow:

  1. Share this data flow with your data architecture colleagues to drive the development of physical data architecture to support your goals.
  2. Keep exploring other sensor data integration resources.

This tool is not optimized for mobile. Please visit this page on a desktop.

Sensor Data Tool

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