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Sensor Data Standards Toolkit

Every data ecosystem needs a common language and a shared approach to distributing, storing, and interpreting information. Following sensor data standards that protect patients and enable data exchange is essential. By embracing standards, we ensure that we’re using sensor data that is accessible, relevant, and trustworthy (ART).

Start differentiating your products and the data they generate by building to the appropriate standards. Discern between products and solutions to identify those that meet your needs. We’ve designed our interactive Landscape of Standards to help guide you as you think about how your data can be collected, stored, adapted, safeguarded, or retrieved for clinical decision-making in health care and research.

Interactive Landscape of Standards

Access all of the standards relevant to sensor data integrations in this interactive landscape tool so you can start deploying them in your work today.

Download here.

After reviewing the standards that apply to your digital sensing products and the data they generate, check out other resources to support you as you implement these standards.

Library of Standards

Search this database of standards that apply to you as you prepare for successful sensor data integrations.

See something we missed? Let us know below.

Add to the Library and Landscape of Standards

Are you developing a standard that should be added to our landscape, or do you know of a standard that we missed? Submit it for review and inclusion in the landscape. 

Are you curious about how we created and maintain the landscape? These are the inclusion and exclusion criteria that we apply:

Inclusion Criteria

Includes resources that are:

  • Developed by a standards development organization (SDO)  (e.g., IEEE or ISO)
    • Include standards in development, clearly marked as such
  • Established by law (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Issued by regulatory bodies (e.g. FDA)
  • Published in a peer-reviewed manuscript (evidentiary framework only)
Exclusion Criteria

Excludes resources that are:

  • Commercial solutions
  • Not directly pertinent to sensor data integrations
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