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Organizational Readiness for
Sensor Data Integrations Toolkit

Are you looking to jumpstart your sensor data integration journey? DiMe’s Capabilities Maturity Model can help you identify areas of your team or business that could be built to deliver success with a sensor data strategy. This tool enables you to create a well-thought-out digital health technology process map for successful data integration. 

Additionally, DiMe’s Capabilities Maturity for Sensor Data Integrations Calculator can help you evaluate your organization’s level of progress towards the goal of making sensor-generated data accessible, relevant, and trustworthy to power better clinical decisions faster.

Capabilities Maturity Model

Are you curious about the capabilities of high performing organizations reaping the benefits of sensor data for decision-making in healthcare and research? View this model to guide your sensor data integrations strategy.

Learn more about the capabilities necessary for success using sensor generated data at scale here.

Capabilities Maturity for Sensor
Data Integrations Calculator

This simple calculator will help you understand your organizations’ level of maturity as it relates to using sensor generated data to drive clinical decision-making. 

The questions and scoring are part of the DiMe Capabilities Maturity Model for Sensor Data Integrations. After answering these questions, you will be directed to a readout of your scores so you can benchmark your current capabilities and identify relevant resources to optimize the use of sensor data relevant to your organization’s objectives. This insight can then inform your use of the Sensor Data Integrations Implementation Toolkit to advance the maturity of your team and/or organization to power better decisions, faster, using sensor generated data. 

Before you begin, review the DiMe Capabilities Maturity Model for Sensor Data Integrations here.

Now that you’ve benchmarked your organization’s current capabilities for sensor data integrations, reference the resources below to help you develop a strategy to build out your capabilities and advance your organization’s capabilities to derive value from sensor-generated data.

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