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Digital Medicine Fundamentals for Pharma

Give your whole team a common understanding of the digitization of healthcare

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Course Overview

This course features the most robust evidence, best practices, and guiding principles. Content is based on DiMe-generated research and other high-quality sources such as relevant regulatory guidance. Learn about the latest and greatest in digital medicine from the very best — poising your organization and your teams for professional and business success.

Course Features

Each course contains:

  • Interactive content presented in multiple formats for self-directed learning
  • Video snippets from key opinion leaders who are subject matter experts relevant topics
  • Knowledge checks via interactive activities
  • Additional resources such as use cases, tools, and/or a curated digest of relevant peer-reviewed publications

Accessible to learners who are hard of hearing and/or visually impaired

Single sign-in options with Office 365, LinkedIn, and/or Google

3 course options:

The DiMe Digital Medicine Fundamentals for Pharma course takes an adaptive learning approach to optimize the teaching of shared core content to three learner archetypes.

The course consists of three options, all of which are available through a single license, to help meet your employees where they are. This fit-for-purpose learning approach brings your entire organization to a common language and shared baseline knowledge of digital medicine.


Highly condensed, critical knowledge

  • 1.5 hours
Only essential content is presented

For learners with only a peripheral exposure to digital medicine tools in their daily work.

Ex: legal functions, procurement, executive and leadership functions outside of clinical research


Highly condensed, foundational knowledge

  • 3 hours
Core content supplemented with several applied examples illustrative use cases

For learners with an indirect exposure to digital medicine tools in their daily work.

Ex: executive and leadership functions in clinical research not directly working with digital medicine tools in their daily work


In depth, foundational knowledge

  • 4.5 hours

Comprehensive content including use cases, additional reading and advanced topics

For learners with direct exposure to digital medicine tools in their daily work, but not coming from a digital medicine background.

Ex: clinical operations, biostatistics, biomarker development, medical leadership


Corporate licenses are one year in term and include access for all learners to the Foundational and Optional modules. Companies may also choose to customize the digital medicine fundamentals course, in addition to their purchase of a license, for an additional fee.


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Digital medicine is a quickly evolving field. Our courses are based on the most up-to-date learnings and insights from the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and its community of actively engaged, diverse experts.
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