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Digital Medicine Academy Licenses for Organizations

All of your employees, including non-digital team members, must come to a common understanding of the digitization of healthcare


Fast Track to Digital Clinical Trials: Pharma Edition – Basics

Support an efficient and effective company-wide transition to realize the benefits of the digital era of drug development.

This course features the most robust evidence, best practices, and guiding principles in digital health today. Content is based on DiMe-generated research and other high-quality sources such as the latest relevant regulatory guidance. Learn about the latest and greatest in digital medicine from the very best — positioning your organization and your teams to harness the full power of digital to bring effective new therapies to market, faster.


  • The first steps: What is digital medicine and why does it matter?
  • The digital landscape: The importance of digital, current landscape and trends shaping market
  • The participant-first approach: Driving participant-centricity by integrating inclusivity and personalized development
  • Managing Privacy, and Security: foundational elements of building trust
  • Putting it into practice: Digitalization of clinical trials
  • Quiz
  • Your library of resources