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Digital Medicine Academy Licenses for Organizations

All of your employees, including non-digital team members, must come to a common understanding of the digitization of healthcare


Fast Track to Digital Clinical Trials: Pharma Edition – Plus

This learning course is a critical first step to building an efficient and effective company-wide transition to embrace today’s digital era.

This course features the most robust evidence, best practices, and guiding principles. Content is based on DiMe-generated research and other high-quality sources such as relevant regulatory guidance. Learn about the latest and greatest in digital medicine from the very best — poising your organization and your teams for professional and business success.


  • Defining digital health
  • What’s in your digital toolbox?
  • Trends in digital health
  • Exploring the regulatory landscape
  • Stakeholders in the digital ecosystem
  • Going digital: build or buy?
  • The patient perspective
  • Engaging broad populations
  • Quiz
  • Resources

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