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Digital Health Industry Regulatory Needs Assessment: Opportunities and strategies to advance successful digital health product development and adoption through regulatory policy

To advance the development of regulatory science, strategy, and policy that supports this goal, DiMe conducted a digital health industry needs assessment to identify 1) the drivers of successful digital health product development and adoption, and 2) the regulatory policy needed to facilitate these drivers.

August 2023

Rigorous and rapid evidence assessment in digital health with the evidence DEFINED framework

Dozens of frameworks have been proposed to assess evidence for digital health interventions (DHIs), but existing frameworks may not facilitate DHI evidence reviews that meet the needs of stakeholder organizations including payers, health systems, trade organizations, and others. These organizations may benefit from a DHI assessment framework that is both rigorous and rapid. Here we propose a framework to assess Evidence in Digital health for EFfectiveness of INterventions with Evaluative Depth (Evidence DEFINED).

May 31, 2023

Defining the Digital Measurement of Scratching During Sleep or Nocturnal Scratching: Review of the Literature

This work is intended to serve as a foundation for the future development of unified and well-described digital health technologies measuring nocturnal scratching and should enable better communication and sharing of results between various stakeholders taking part in research in atopic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

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