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DiMe Sponsors: Supporting the Vision of Advancing Digital Medicine to Optimize Health

Claire Meunier

From strategic partnerships with the health innovation hub of the German Federal Ministry of health (hih) and our collaborative community that we host with FDA participation, to the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc) and contributions to resources like The Playbook and Library of Digital Endpoints, organizations are increasingly recognizing the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) as subject matter experts and thought partners.

Increasingly, organizations that share our commitment to advancing the safe, effective, ethical, and equitable use of digital medicine to optimize health are choosing to deepen their relationship with DiMe and its work through sponsorship. Sponsorship offers organizations the opportunity to stay abreast of DiMe’s evolving work in the field in a one-on-one context that supports deeper exploration and customization to an individual organization’s needs. In turn, the financial support of DiMe sponsors enables us to continue to increase our capacity to tackle the most pressing challenges to realizing the full promise of digital innovation to transform clinical research, patient care, and public health. 

DiMe sponsors leverage our partnership to drive transformational change in the digital era of health. Whether our sponsors invite us to socialize DiMe resources more deeply in their organizations to scale best practices, provide input on digital strategy, or engage their teams in digital transformation, we are always thrilled to share the best practices developed with our project teams and insights gained from our member community.

DiMe is pleased to recognize the tremendous support and partnership we enjoy with each of our  sponsors:

Are you interested in your company supporting DiMe’s mission through sponsorship? Contact sponsorship@dimesociety.org