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Listen up! Using digital tools when designing patient-centric clinical trials


January 11, 2022

Discussion Topic

The use of digital health technologies in clinical studies introduces unique design complexities, as well as exciting opportunities, to measure what matters to patients. Using Parkinson’s as a case example, the 3DT (Digital Drug Development Tools) team of the Critical Path consortium shares recommendations that integrate the patient voice at every step of the way in order to maximize engagement, optimize recruitment, and increase retention and protocol adherence. The objective of this presentation is to overview a set of guidelines, recommendations, and considerations for integration of DHT, regardless of the type of device, in PD clinical studies in order to improve the overall study design and execution, with the engagement of patients as a key component of this process.

Listen in to the discussion with the panelists:

– Johan Hellsten, PhD, Senior specialist in Patient Insights (R&D), Lundbeck

– Martijn Müller, PhD, Senior Scientific Director, Critical Path for Parkinson’s, Critical Path Institute

– Cindy Zadikoff, MD, Medical Director & CPP Industry Co-Director, AbbVie

– Mark Frasier, MD, Chief Science Officer, Research Programs, Michael J. Fox Foundation

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