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Advancing Digital Health Innovation in Oncology: Priorities for High-Value Digital Transformation in Cancer Care


March 07, 2023

Discussion Topic

Although health care delivery is becoming increasingly digitized, driven by the pursuit of improved access, equity, efficiency, and effectiveness, progress does not appear to be equally distributed across therapeutic areas. Oncology is renowned for leading innovation in research and care; digital pathology, digital radiology, real-world data, next-generation sequencing, patient-reported outcomes, and precision approaches driven by complex data and biomarkers are hallmarks of the field. However, remote patient monitoring, decentralized approaches to care and research, “hospital at home,” and machine learning techniques have yet to be broadly deployed to improve cancer outcomes.

New findings from the Digital Medicine Society and Moffitt Cancer Center’s multi stakeholder roundtable discussion with leading experts in cancer care and digital innovation are available in the JMIR viewpoint publication linked below. Roundtable participants and viewpoint co-authors found that the digital innovation in oncology lags behind other therapeutic areas and that multiple persistent challenges in oncology research and care delivery can be disintermediated with effective digital solutions.

During this journal club, thought leaders from leading oncology care centers and research institutes, digital health solution providers, and patient groups in the digital health cancer arena will reflect on the findings of the viewpoint and share insights for strategies and actions needed to bring the promise of digitization to cancer treatment to improve lives.

Participants discussed the promise of digital solutions for reducing the cost and administrative burden of advanced cancer care and for supporting and accelerating access to precision oncology treatments. Participants also shared more about upcoming work co-sponsored by DiMe and the Moffitt Cancer Center focused on the advancement of cancer care and research through digital innovation.

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