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Evidence DEFINED Framework – A Rigorous, Rapid Approach to Assess the Clinical Value of Digital Health Interventions I Public Launch Event


July 20, 2023

Discussion Topic

Without the proper evidence for digital health products (DHPs), there are obstacles that payers encounter when evaluating these, which can result in companies being unable to bring their products to market. Evidence is needed to determine the reliability and value of DHPs.

As the expert in ethical, effective, equitable, and safe use of digital medicine, the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) collaborated with healthcare stakeholders to create a new harmonized framework, Evidence in Digital Health for EFfectiveness of INterventions with Evaluative Depth (Evidence DEFINED). The framework offers payers, employers, health systems, and other users a harmonized, rigorous, rapid approach to assessing the clinical value of DHPs and bringing them to market faster.

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