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Identifying the Factors Influencing Patients’ Telehealth Visit Satisfaction: Survey Validation Through a Structural Equation Modeling


April 14, 2022

Discussion Topic

Patient experience and expectations have changed after the pandemic, as telehealth is becoming the new norm replacing in-person visits. At our April #AskeMeAnything Journal Club, our colleagues from the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital will share 2 of their recent studies focusing on telehealth satisfaction survey development, implementation, and validation. 

(1)  The goal of this study was to assess patient satisfaction and assess the quality of services. The team developed a telehealth patient satisfaction survey (TPSS) with a multi-stakeholder group. In this first study, we shared survey components and explained how we developed the survey. We also proposed a conceptual research model to explain patient behavior towards telehealth satisfaction. 

(2)  In the second paper, the team validated their model, the telehealth patient satisfaction model, (TPSM) testing the factors (admission process, perceived quality of service) influencing patient satisfaction.

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