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Launch of EVIDENCE Check List


May 26, 2021

Discussion Topic

The EVIDENCE (EValuatIng connecteD sENsor teChnologiEs) checklist promotes high-quality reporting in studies where the primary objective is an evaluation of a digital measurement product or its constituent parts. The checklist is a product of DiMe’s most recent Tour of Duty and will be published on May 18.

The EVIDENCE checklist is applicable to five types of evaluations: (1) proof of concept; (2) verification, (3) analytical validation, and (4) clinical validation as defined by the V3 framework; and (5) utility and usability assessments.  Using EVIDENCE, those preparing, reading, or reviewing studies evaluating digital measurement products will be better equipped to distinguish necessary reporting requirements to drive high-quality research. With broad adoption, the EVIDENCE checklist will serve as a much-needed guide to raise the bar for quality reporting in published literature evaluating digital measurement products.

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