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Suggest New Research Topics

The DiMe Research Committee welcomes ideas for research projects from others.

Have you identified a challenge or unmet need that would advance the field of digital medicine that could be addressed by evidence generated through research? Then we would like to hear from you!

DiMe research might include:

  • Original data collection at the participant or group level;
  • Retrospective analyses of existing data;
  • Meta-analyses of published data;
  • Qualitative literature reviews;
  • Systematic or scoping reviews;
  • Dissemination research;
  • Implementation research;
  • …or any other project that results in evidence-driven, novel findings.

As you develop your proposal, please consider the following:

  • What is the knowledge gap that your proposed project would fill?
  • What is currently known about this topic?
  • How is your proposal relevant to the advancement of digital medicine?

You can submit a research proposal at any time – new projects are added on a rolling basis.

New proposals will be evaluated to ensure they fit within the mission of DiMe and the research committee, and how achievable they are in the spirit of “clinical quality work on a tech timeline.” Once approved, you will join the research committee as the project lead and you will be expected to assemble your own team of experts to tackle it, in close collaboration with the co-chairs of the research committee.

Click here to submit a research proposal!

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