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A common language for digital endpoint development


September 13, 2023


Carrie Annalice Northcott, PhD

Senior Director, Head of Digital Sciences Digital Sciences & Translational Imaging Pfizer Inc.

Jeremy Wyatt

CEO ActiGraph

CDR Jonas Santiago

Associate Director for Digital Health Technologies FDA/CDER/OND/ODES


Leda Leyens

Senior Regulatory Director Roche

Discussion Topic

As we continue to advance the development of high-value digital endpoints, a common, unifying language is essential.

Successful collaboration across different stakeholders and broad adoption across multiple regulatory regions are contingent on scientific conversations where experts can talk to, not past, one another. Regulatory acceptance requires that we don’t abandon the scientific lexicon that has served us so well for decades of safe and successful drug development.

So how do we avoid getting trapped in a digital Tower of Babel as we advance digital endpoints for use in drug development?

Join experts from EMA, FDA, and the life science and med-tech industries as they discuss the lingua franca that binds them.

Referencing the digital health glossaries from the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), these experts will debunk some of the language trends that have caused confusion – that’s right, not everything we measure digitally is a biomarker! – and share case examples illustrating how core scientific concepts, appropriately articulated using the right scientific terms, have powered outsized success in digital endpoint development and deployment.

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