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Navigating Reimbursement for Virtual First Care (V1C)


September 6, 2023


Dr. Zeke Silva

Radiologist & Chair of the American Medical Association Speciality Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC), American Medical Association

Lucia Savage

Chief Privacy and Regulatory Officer Omada Health

Dr. Ryan Vega

Physician in Residence Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

Don Jones

IMPACT Co-founder & Chair of Cardiff Ocean Group Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)


Abby Sugg

Program Lead Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

Discussion Topic

The virtual first care community has developed solutions that increase access to affordable primary and specialty care and address limitations that historically created barriers to healthcare delivery. The sustainability of these innovative models is critical to expanding affordable access to quality care.

To address this, IMPACT created the Payment & Coding Toolkit to dispel that myth by showing providers, investors, payers, policymakers, and other stakeholders: “You can get paid for offering V1C services!”

Hear insights from Dr. Zeke Silva, Lucia Savage, Dr. Ryan Vega, Don Jones, and Abby Sugg and an inspiring discussion on how you can use these new tools to identify applicable coding strategies regardless of your clinical focus easily.’


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