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V3 in Action


November 3, 2022


Ariel Dowling

Head of Sensing and Measurement, Takeda

Elena Izmailova

Chief Scientific Officer, Koneksa


Jennifer Goldsack


Discussion Topic

V3 combines widely recognized practices from both software and clinical development to establish the shared foundation for evaluating whether digital clinical measures are fit for purpose. Since its publication in 2020, V3 has been adopted by over 45 teams developing and deploying digital clinical measures as well as the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

But what has the process for adoption been within organizations? And how have organizations upleveled their processes around evaluation of digital sensing products, algorithms, and clinical use cases across the board to embed V3 into a systematic approach?

Listen to learn more about how companies have applied V3 to ensure their digital measures are fit for purpose. Hear from digital leaders at Takeda and Koneksa about how their organizations have implemented this framework, and how it’s helped them navigate the complexity of digital measurement more thoughtfully and effectively.

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