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Striding Past the 6MWT: Complementing Physical Activity Assessment with a Consensus Set of Digital Clinical Measures


June 27, 2023


Bray Patrick-Lake

Senior Digital Health Specialist Digital Health Center of Excellence, CDRH, FDA

Salma Ajraoui

Digital Practice Lead, Patient Centered Solutions IQVIA

Eric Mangin

Global Digital Analytics and Technologies MSD

Elena Ismailova

CSO, Koneksa

Astrid Horstman

Specialist in Nutrition & Muscle Physiology Affiliation: Nestle Research

Kieran F. Reid, PhD, MPH

Director, Laboratory of Exercise Physiology and Physical Performance; Associate Director, Function Assessment Core, Boston Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center for Function Promoting Therapies Affiliation: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Alan Hamilton

Senior Director of Research COPD Foundation

Candice Taguibao

Program Lead, PA Project DiME

Discussion Topic

Physical activity (PA) is essential for the maintenance of health across virtually all therapeutic areas and is often recognized as a ‘sixth vital sign’. While it is becoming clear that relying on point-in-time, clinic-based walking tests are insufficient to accurately capture physical function in a meaningful way, digital health technologies (DHTs) present an opportunity to measure activity in real life.

The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is currently leading a pre-competitive collaboration to define a core set of digital clinical measures for physical activity (PA) across therapeutic areas. With more than 70 unique digital endpoints for PA currently being used, we aim to move away from innovating in siloes and leverage multi-stakeholder collaboration to answer tough digital measures questions, demonstrating a process of what good looks like. Understanding which digital measures matter for physical activity can speed up the development of therapeutics and enable the field to respond swiftly and meaningfully, equipped with the right evidence for decision-making.

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