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IMPACT Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit Launch


October 1, 2021



Discussion Topic

As virtual first care (V1C) gains momentum, standard provider and vendor contracting models fail to account for the range of features and format of these services, leading to delays and challenges in contracting. Recognizing these breakdowns, IMPACT members from over 30 virtual first care, payer, funder, digital health, and services companies have come together to address the greatest barriers to V1C adoption at scale.

On October 1st IMPACT launched the Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit – a suite of action-oriented resources, such as the Guide to Payer-V1C Model Contracting, Guide to V1C payment models, and V1C Coding Library. The toolkit will support alignment between payer’s systems and processes around new modalities of care to facilitate contracting and ultimately drive more effective adoption of V1C. 

The meeting featured expert remarks by Saurabha  Bhatnagar, Chief Health Officer, Commure. Donald Jones, Co-Founder of IMPACT also provided an expert V1C solution perspective based on his renowned digital health expertise and extensive advisory work in the field. 

Claire Meunier, DiMe’s COO and Executive Lead on IMPACT then moderated a panel discussion featuring IMPACT members Joe Connolly, Co-Founder & CEO, Visana Health, Lucia Savage, Chief Privacy & Regulatory Officer, Omada Health, and Marcus Thygeson, Chief Health Officer, Bind Benefits.

IMPACT Payer-V1C Toolkit Public Meeting Slide Deck

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