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IMPACT V1C Core Competencies: The Hallmarks of High Quality, Trustworthy Virtual First Care


April 20, 2023


Elizabeth Zech

Principle, Center for Health Innovation, Mercer

Kristofer Caya

Lead Director, Aetna Virtual Care

Shelly Lanning

Co-founder and President, Visana Health

Carrie Nelson

Chief Medical Officer, Amwell

Elizabeth Zech

Principle, Center for Health Innovation, Mercer


Linette Demers

Director IMPACT, DiMe

Discussion Topic

The potential benefits of a remodeled delivery system based on virtual first care (V1C) are tremendous – in terms of patient access and experience, workforce efficiency, and improved health and economic outcomes. At the same time, in the post-pandemic era, solutions of varying quality and reliability are flooding the market. Without consistent evaluation criteria to guide builders and buyers towards high-quality V1C, the trust of this movement is at stake.

To address this need, IMPACT, the multi-stakeholder V1C initiative co-hosted by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has developed an industry-vetted V1C Checklist. This tool defines essential competencies and hallmarks of high quality, trustworthy V1C.

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