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Introducing the PIF Program: A Path to Public Service through Digital Health and Medicine


April 8, 2021


Presidential Innovation Fellow

Presidential Innovation Fellow

Presidential Innovation Fellow

Presidential Innovation Fellow


Jennifer Goldsack

Executive Director – Digital Medicine Society

Discussion Topic

Curious how you might translate a career in digital medicine or healthcare to public service opportunities? Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) is one way to join the federal government and make an impact, and applications are open now!

Presidential Innovation Fellows join the federal government for one to two years as entrepreneurs-in-residence at federal agencies! From COVID-19 to veterans’ benefits f to human-centered design, PIFs will share their experience applying their skills and leadership in partnership with federal leaders. Join a panel of current PIFs and learn about how you could bring vital digital medicine and healthcare experience to key initiatives across the federal government. Apply to PIF through May 14 at apply.pif.gov!

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