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Digital Measurement of Nocturnal Scratch: New Developments – A Series


June 18, 2024



Discussion Topic

Few measurements in the digital realm have garnered such momentum and dedication as the digital measurement of nocturnal scratch. Through the lens of digital tools and sensor-generated data, clinical researchers and drug developers can now capture crucial information regarding patients’ nighttime scratching habits, quantifying these actions in real time.

Building upon the collaborative work of DiMe in advancing nocturnal scratch as a digital endpoint for atopic dermatitis and the follow-up work conducted in collaboration with DEEP, we will host webinar sessions on:

Webinar 1: Recent Regulatory Feedback
We’ll address the most recent regulatory feedback garnered through FDA’s Critical Path Innovation Meeting forum and the EMA’s Innovation Task Force (ITF) briefing meetings under the EMA pilot conducted with EFPIA and DEEP.

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Webinar 2: Updates from R&D on Algorithms and Tools
In this session, we’ll showcase the latest updates from technological research and development, showcasing the remarkable progress in the development of algorithms and tools designed to measure nocturnal scratch.

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Webinar 3: Processes, Validation, and Adoption
We’ll discuss steps forward in the validation and adoption of digital measurements of nocturnal scratch. We will showcase frameworks and processes poised to facilitate researchers from diverse backgrounds in their quest to deliver novel measurements that meaningfully address patients’ experiences and conditions.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to register now to secure your spot in our webinar series. Join us along with DEEP, FDA and other industry colleagues as we chart a course toward a future where digital measurements guide us toward a deeper understanding of patients’ conditions and everyday experiences.

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