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Patient Engagement and Activation for Better Adherence Using Digital Platforms


September 15, 2021


Eric Buffkin

CEO, President

Kelly Brassil

Director, Research & RWE, Pack Health

Susan Baumgartner

Former Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs


Patient, Research and Policy Advocate

Edward Greeno

Professor of Medicine; Chief, Cancer Care Service Line Univ of Minnesota MHealth

Mark Sapp

Director, Digital Platforms Janssen Pharmaceuticals


Rachel Chasse

Director of Innovation, DiMe

Discussion Topic

Digital health is growing as a vital part of healthcare, and with a rise in data-driven solutions and digital platforms, digital health technology can be an accurate and efficient way to empower patients. Digital pills can measure medication intake data and report it to care teams in real time, providing a platform to engage with patients about their treatment plan. Patients face many challenges with medication adherence — from complex dosing regimens to access to the medications themselves — and high-quality, evidence based technology can help. In this session, we discussed how even small care teams can use digital pill technology to help their patients stay on track with their therapy in real time, discover how to transform engagement with their patients, and uncover the wide-reaching clinical and commercial potential for this type of digital transformation. Hear from an expert patient, clinician, regulatory professional, pharma executive, and RWE researcher on how we can build better digital pills to support care teams and the patients they serve.

September 2021 Webinar Slide Deck

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