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The Clinical Strength of Digital Health in Key Ecosystems


October 4, 2022


Julien de Salaberry, MBA, BEng

Founder & CEO, Galen Growth

Sara Schmachtenberg, PhD

Head of Data & Analytics, Galen Growth


Jen Goldsack

CEO at Digital Medicine Society

Discussion Topic

Digital Health is now 10+ years old and is rewriting the healthcare value chain. Not all Digital Health ventures are born equal and not all are making the same claims. Many however have bravely entered the regulated arena and are striving to demonstrate their clinical credentials.
To help corporations, investors and other stakeholders make better-informed decisions, Galen Growth measures the Clinical Strength (CS) of all ventures across the key regional ecosystems. In this webinar, we shared with you our analysis and insights on the clinical strength of Digital Health across the globe.

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