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Join FDA and DiMe during a 2-day virtual event.

The Playbook: Driving Adoption


April 30, 2021


Keynote Speaker, TBA

Multistakeholder experts (See below)


Jen Goldsack

Executive Director

Jeanne Chung

Project Manager

Discussion Topic

Listen in to DiMe’s successful launch of “The Playbook: Driving Adoption, featuring over 100 new action-oriented resources that make it easier for you to:

  • Access information from The Playbook in bite-sized chunks
  • Implement best practices from The Playbook using new tools such as checklists, decision tools, and value frameworks

Amy Abernethy, former principal deputy commissioner of the FDA, kicked off our launch event with opening remarks on how to use digital innovation to improve lives.  We then unveiled “The Playbook: Driving Adoption” through a series of 9 different panels of experts. You can experience each panel individually or as a complete event on our Tour of Duty, “The Playbook: Driving Adoption” Playlist.

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