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The State of the Virtual Care Industry: Results from a New Benchmark Survey from Omada Health, DiMe & Rock Health


December 1, 2022



Discussion Topic

By now most of us have participated in a video healthcare visit, a result of the sweeping pivot to telemedicine driven by the pandemic. But how much did the pandemic really accelerate the digitization of healthcare delivery? How widespread is awareness and implementation of truly transformative, digitally-enabled care that improves access, experience, and outcomes, what we call, Virtual-First Care?

Omada Health, in partnership with DiMe and with support from Rock Health, surveyed over 750 decision-makers in the healthcare purchaser industry to find out. The results of this study show surprising variation across the purchaser community regarding adoption drivers, program priorities, and, importantly, reveal fundamental confusion about what is meant by ‘virtual care’ and the cost, quality, and access benefits it can deliver for patients, purchasers, and providers.

On December 1st, leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem discussed the results of this benchmarking study of employers and health plans.

Thought leaders representing virtual first care, medical providers, employers and healthcare investors will reflect on implications of the survey results and together share insights for strategies and actions that will enable full potential of virtual first care.

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