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What are YOU doing to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials?


February 15, 2023


Rob Califf

Commissioner @FDA

Ashish Chaturvedi

Founder & CEO @Althea.ai

Kimberly Barnholt

Sr. Director & Evidence Generation Leader @Genentech

Shelli Pavone

CEO & Co-Founder @Inlightened

Reginald Swift

Founder & CEO @Rubix LS

Pamela Tenaerts

Chief Scientific Officer @Medable, Inc

R’Kes Starling

Chief Executive Officer @Reveles Clinical Services


Ricki Fairley

CEO @Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance

Discussion Topic

The call for diversifying clinical trials and creating a more equitable and inclusive clinical trials industry has gotten louder. Are you ready to take action?

DiMe’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Digitized Clinical Trials project team is launching resources demonstrating how digital tools can be used to tackle many of the challenges facing clinical trials, from patient engagement, recruitment, and retention to more robust data collection and better outcomes.

Join us for the launch of these resources, insights from FDA Commissioner Rob Califf, and an inspiring discussion on how you can use these new tools, now, to advance DEI in clinical trials.

We have the opportunity to advance health equity and transform the clinical trials industry. Join DiMe’s team of leading experts to learn how you can implement these resources, now.

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