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DiMe Sensor Data Integrations Resources for Data Processors

Do you contribute to the collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaption, alteration, retrieval, transmission, availability, management, deletion, or destruction of sensor data for use in clinical decision-making in healthcare and research? Are you a data scientist or engineer? Or is your company an analytics company, cloud service provider, data aggregator, or responsible for a data platform?

If so, the DiMe Sensor Data Integrations team has developed four interactive toolkits and a glossary to advance your work to create value from sensor-generated data so it can be accessed and successfully used to make better decisions, faster, in healthcare and research.

Sensor Data Architecture Toolkit

Logical Data Architecture

Review the blueprint for sensor data architecture in the healthcare data ecosystem, irrespective of platform, operating system, file structure, or database technology.

Reference Data Architectures

Browse this library of data architectures implementing our logical data architecture. Each has been successfully implemented to support successful data integrations and see what could work for you and your team. 

Sensor Data Flow Design Tool

Use this interactive design tool to map the sensor data flow through your servers for any connected sensor product and clinical use case. 

Sensor Data Standards Toolkit

Interactive Landscape of Standards

Access all of the standards relevant to sensor data integrations in this interactive landscape tool so you can start deploying them in your work today.

Library of Standards

Search this database of standards for those that apply to you as you build systems and approaches for successful sensor data integrations.

Add to the Landscape

If you’re developing a standard that should be added to our landscape, or know of one we’ve missed, submit it for review and inclusion. 

Organizational Readiness for Sensor Data Integrations Toolkit

Capabilities Maturity Model

Are you curious about the capabilities of high performing organizations reaping the benefits of sensor data for decision making in healthcare and research? View this model to guide your understanding of your partners in the downstream market.

Capabilities Maturity Calculator

Are you curious about your organizational preparedness to contribute to successful sensor data integrations? Use this self-assessment tool to benchmark your preparedness and guide you to the right resources to advance.

Sensor Data Implementation Toolkit

‘ART’ Criteria

For sensor data to drive better decisions, faster, in healthcare and research, sensor-generated data must be accessible, relevant, and trustworthy (ART). Review the five criteria critical to delivering ART sensor data for your decision-making.

Considerations and Best Practices

Do you want to learn more about implementing the ART Criteria to optimize your processing of sensor-generated data for clinical decision-making? Review short ‘cheat sheets’ of key considerations and best practices aligned with each criterion.

‘ART’ Criteria Prioritization Tool

Each time you use process sensor data to inform a clinical decision, the context is different. Use this tool to help optimize your approach to processing sensor data to meet the needs of your systems and users in the healthcare ecosystem. 

This toolkit is not optimized for mobile, please visit the full catalog of resources here, or view on desktop. 

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